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From: Dennis Banneker
Subject: Eyes for my Hot Little Brother - Chapter 5__________________________________________Eyes for my Hot Little Brother - Chapter Preteen Hussyfan Pictures 5
by Dennis Banneker
June 29, 2006
__________________________________________WARNING! To qualify to read this story, you must be of legal age
and allowed by the jurisdiction or jurisdictions that govern you
to read sexually explicit homosexual material. If you do not
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Eyes for my Hot Little Brother
by Dennis Banneker
StoriesNewYahoo.comBrian, Gainsworth, 17
Greg, Gainsworth, 15Jeremy Hunter, 16, a friend
Peter Hunter, 15, a friend
Greg looked frozen. My brother was the important one, and I
didn’t want to do anything that might hurt him. “Greg,” I said, “would you be mad if Jeremy and I took turns
sucking you?” “No,” he said, with another big blush. “Okay, then.” “Hey, Greg?” Jeremy said, “If it feels bad to you when I suck
you, you can tell me to Preteen Hussyfan Pictures stop, okay?” “Okay.” Greg had a smile on his face, so I knew he was all
right with this. “Well,” the 16-year-old basketball player said, “there’s
another way to do this.” “What?” “Do you wanna fuck me?” Jeremy said. “You’re kidding!”
“Nope. Not kidding,” Jeremy said with his mellow, ‘everything
is okay’ smile. It was like he hypnotized me with his face. Now I blushed big time. I was afraid of anal. Plus, Greg and
I hadn’t done it. I guess that was the main thing–I wanted to be
the one to fuck Greg, not anyone else–not ever. I felt the almost the same about *my* butt. I wanted my
brother’s dick in me and wasn’t sure about anyone else’s in there.
At least not until Greg had me first. ‘I must have a weird look on my face,’ I thought, as I
glimpsed Jeremy staring at me. “Let me guess,” he said with a bigger grin than usual. “You
guys are both virgins.” I hadn’t thought about me or Greg that way–as ‘virgins’–but
I realized Jeremy was right. I’d been having so much fun with
*my* mouth and Greg’s, I hadn’t thought much about anal sex. I
guessed Jeremy did that with Peter. “Um, yeah,” I said–embarrassed that I was a year older and
the one with less experience. “Oh, virgin . . . yeah,” Greg said like he was a million miles
away. He looked embarrassed, though. “Okay, no problem,” Jeremy said, touching his dick. He was
definitely a horny boy. “So, you and Peter already do . . . you know–anal?” “You mean, do we fuck each other? Yes.” Even saying *that,*
Jeremy had a charm about him. I liked his cute grin. “Cool,” I said, gulping. Here I was a high school senior, ready to graduate this year
–and I felt like a little kid next to Jeremy with all his sex
knowledge. And he was a year behind me. Then I thought, I
wouldn’t mind having him behind me. But Greg had to be the
first one to do that. I gulped Preteen Hussyfan Pictures again, searching for my feelings
about taking each other’s virginity. I hadn’t thought of it as a
big deal, but I guess it was to a lot of people. “You’re blushing,” Greg said, taunting me. “So are you, twerp! We’re all sitting around, naked. Or did
you forget?” Preteen Hussyfan Pictures
“No,” he said, touching his dick like a little kid. “Damn, you guys are funny–like a married couple,” Jeremy
said, laughing. “We don’t have to do anal. Sucking is fun. Do
you want to do a round-robin suck or a daisy chain?” Preteen Hussyfan Pictures “We don’t know that,” Greg said bravely. I was glad he
blurted it out because I didn’t have a clue either. “Oh. Cool–that makes you guys even hotter.” “Huh?” I said, sounding really dumb. That’s when Jeremy smiled and put his hand on my leg. I
thought I’d come, just Preteen Hussyfan Pictures from the stud’s touch. The more I looked
at him, the cuter he looked. His eyes warmed me as he stared. “It’s gonna be fun to show you,” he said, “and you’re both
sexy dudes. The more I get to teach you, the more fun it is for
me. You know–your first time at this.” “Oh, I get it,” I said. Jeremy relaxed me again. It was hard
to be nervous around him. “A round robin is taking turns blowing each other. A daisy
chain is we all suck each other at the same time.” “Okay,” I said, grinning, pretending to understand it all.
Greg looked as confused as I felt. It didn’t sound good to be
sucking each other, all at the same time. As if we’d read each other’s mind, Greg and I slid off the bed
and got to our knees, giving Jeremy a look in the process. “Oh,” the sexy basketball player said. “I guess I’m first.” To me–except for Greg–Jeremy was first in a lot of ways. “Wait,” I said to Greg before he could devour Preteen Hussyfan Pictures
Jeremy’s dick.
“He’s close. Why don’t we start with his balls and work up slow?
We’ll make it a rule that you can’t come until we all agree it’s
time.” “Sounds great to me,” Jeremy said. “Yeah!” Greg said with his biggest grin of the day. “Let’s lean you against the wall, that way you can’t fall,” I
told Jeremy. I was no expert on sex, but I knew enough to do that because I
had a hard time standing up and coming without ending up on my
butt. We all walked over to the wall against the bathroom–the
one that stayed nice and warm. We all stood there, feeling a little awkward, I guess. “Cool, Jeremy said. “God–you’re so hot, Brian.” The way he
said that made me throb. He wasn’t throwing out words, I could
feel he meant it. I looked at Greg right away, thinking Jeremy is *his* friend
and was giving me more attention. But Greg looked happy. I was overwhelmed with Jeremy’s eyes and put my arms around
the sweet kid. This time, he was aggressive kissing me. I think
because he sensed my worries for Greg, he cut the kiss short. “I go first,” Greg said as we both dropped to our knees. “There’s room for both of us, Greg,” I said, trying to be as
patient as possible. “We’re gonna lick his balls first.” “Oh, yeah–sorry,” Greg said timidly. I never thought much about taste before, but licking Jeremy’s
good-looking sac made me excited. He tasted so good, I had to
watch out I didn’t bite him there. “Oh, fuck,” Jeremy said softly. “Did you guys practice?
Damn, that’s good.” “I think he’s getting there,” I said to Greg, pulling his head
away from the kid and aiming it toward Jeremy’s cock. I wanted my
baby brother to have his fun. “Mmm,” Greg said, having a good time. He looked like he was
in heaven with the studboy’s thick shaft in his mouth. Preteen Hussyfan Pictures “Yeah, Greg, uhh!” Jeremy said. “Ooo, yeah–do it like that!” My cock was shaking from just watching them, especially Greg
with his cute mouth stretching to take the thing in. Jeremy’s
awed expression and moans were equally fascinating. I leaned in close to Greg’s face, ready to tell him it was my
turn, but he slid off Jeremy’s dick before I said anything. I was nervous that it was my turn to blow Jeremy now,
wondering if Jeremy would compare my sucking style to Greg’s. Practically drooling for hot-boy’s cock, I twirled my tongue
around the head, then slid my mouth on his oversized meat. “Ahhhhh!” he shouted. “I’m gonna come! I’ll do the same for
you, Greg, real soon. Urrghh!” He was squirming, but so calm. Cool, Greg said, fascinated, pre-cum dripping down his leg. And I’m watching this interplay while I’m waiting for Jeremy
to come, any second. I felt so connected to him, I thought *I*
was going to blow. “Wrauuuuhhhhhhh!” the athlete screamed as he blasted his first
shot of cum to the back of my throat. He didn’t seem calm now!
Shit, the boy had power! I counted the first three of his spurts. Jeremy was amazing–
his dick got Preteen Hussyfan Pictures
so thick while he came. I got a sexual thrill from
the feel of him–the exhilarating sensation in my mouth of a hot
cock throbbing. I knew I would enjoy sucking Jeremy and feeling him Preteen Hussyfan Pictures shoot a
hot load in my mouth. And I did! But I never expected my little
brother to make me screech by sliding his lips over my bone while
I did it. “Eeeeegghhh!” “Fuck! YEAH! AHH!” Jeremy continued yelling. He was
shooting so much cum, I lost count. I put my hands on his hot butt and loved the feel of the hard
muscles contracting with each pulsation of his boyhood. I touched
the kid’s balls and got Preteen Hussyfan Pictures a final scream and big jet of 16-year-old,
white essence of stud. By then my balls were soaked with pre-cum. “DAMN!” Jeremy said breathlessly, trying to smile at me while
he panted. His quick breaths had that sexual sound I loved. “Good?” I asked hopefully. “Awesome!” I was still on my knees–stunned when Jeremy Preteen Hussyfan Pictures knelt and kissed
me. I loved the feel of the sweaty basketball player and was
pleasantly shocked when his tongue slid in. I thought he wouldn’t
do that because of his cum in my mouth, but he seemed to like it.
When our tongues met, I felt pre-cum gush out of Little Brian. That’s when I came in Greg’s mouth. Cum shot out before I
knew it. Jeremy backed off. “Awwwwwrrrrrrghh!” I screamed and shouted my way through a
massive climax–feeling myself throb like never before, looking at
Jeremy’s face–and Greg’s bulging cheeks as he swallowed many
streams of gushing, big-brother cum. Then Jeremy went behind me and reached around, playing with my
nipples as I fired the rest of my load into Greg. “Holy, shit,” I said after I caught my breath, “that was
fucking amazing.” “Did I do good, Bri?” Greg said, looking up at me with his doe
eyes. “Oh, yeah, little bro–damn good!” “And you did damn good, too, Brian,” Jeremy said with his
flashy smile, squeezing his dick like he was making the pleasure
last. I wanted to hug him again but thought that would look like
I was overdoing it. “You guys broke the rule!” Greg said. Even though I had just
come, his boyish voice went right to my dick. “What rule?” Preteen Hussyfan Pictures
Jeremy said, beating me to the question. Greg stared at Jeremy, and I swear I saw him go into the same
trance that I’d felt earlier. “Brian said we couldn’t come until we all agreed it was time.
Am I right?” “Yeah, twerp I think you got us, there,” I said. “Ha!” Jeremy said with a big smile, “I love how you just admit
it when he’s right.” “Yeah,” I said, giving Greg a warm brotherly look. “So what’s
up with that, little bro? Do we get punished, or what?” I gave
him my best wry grin. “I got it,” Jeremy said excitedly, looking Greg over, “Brian
and I have to take turns sucking you until you come.” “Now why was I thinking the same thing?” Jeremy gave me a
guilty grin when I said that. “I’ll go for it,” Greg said, “even though it’s not a
punishment,” he added, giving us a sexy look. I turned my back to Greg and winked at Jeremy, so he would
know I wasn’t serious with what I was Preteen Hussyfan Pictures about to say. “Maybe that’s a good idea, twerpo. I’ll give Jeremy my belt
and make him whip my ass with it before I get to suck you.” “Nu-UHH! No way!” Greg said, blushing, fear in his eyes. “Yep, that’s love,” Jeremy muttered to himself. I went over to Greg. “Just kidding, bro.” I gave him a quick
hug. “Okay, Jeremy, he’s all yours.” I held Greg’s bone up for
him. “You go first, Brian,” Jeremy said. You’re his brother.
Besides, I’m dyin’ to see this.” I just smiled. “Yeah,” Greg said, giggling like a little boy. “That’s right,
you’re my brother. And you gotta suck me Preteen Hussyfan Pictures
real good.” “I’ll suck your balls, twerp, and make you squirm.” Maybe it was just the way my mouth hit Greg’s sac, but he
didn’t just squirm–he made a squeaking sound that was inhuman. I
could hear Jeremy chuckling. “Ooo, ooo, ah! Okay, okay, STOP! AH!” I didn’t think it would tickle Greg that much. When I looked
up, I saw the reason for little bro’s reaction. Jeremy ticked
him. “Interference. Ten-yard penalty,” I said, even though none of
us played football. Then Jeremy leaned over Greg and blew in my ear. “Ohhhhhhh,” I’m yours, man. “Ooo, somebody likes that,” studboy said. “Can I blow on your
dick, too?” “Do you have to ask?” “Hey, guys,” Greg said, “are you gonna do it?” “Mmm,” I said, sliding my mouth over Greg’s fine bone. “Oh . . . oh, fuck,” Greg whispered in that breathy, little-
brother voice I love. I fingered his tight nuts while I slid my hungry mouth up and
down the prettiest dick in the world. And Greg shivered. When I
slipped a finger over his nipple, he squirmed. “God, that’s hot!” Jeremy said, enjoying the view. “Mmrrffff!” I said with Greg’s bone in my mouth. Jeremy had
tongued the back of my neck. His touch was so soft, I almost
jerked my mouth off Greg. “Ahhhh, yeah, that was good, Brian!” My hot little brother
was heating up. I’ll have to remember to moan on Greg’s dick in
the future. I love the way it bounced. Slowly, I felt Jeremy’s body press into my side. As I glanced
over, I saw the most sensuous smile on his face. Without a word
spoken, I knew he wanted his turn at Greg’s dick. Just as slowly, I shifted over, making room for the hottest
junior boy at our school–the basketball player that turned heads
as well as turning wild shots into points. The heat of Preteen Hussyfan Pictures Jeremy’s
body soaked into mine, and my formerly satisfied cock stiffened. I trembled, watching Jeremy’s mouth make love to little bro’s
bouncing bone, noticing how cute they both looked–Jeremy with his
lips stretched and eyes closed; Greg looking like he was having
the passionate moment of his life. “Ohhhhh,” Greg moaned, already in Jeremy’s trance. “Ah!” I said, startled with Jeremy’s hand suddenly gripping my
cock. When he stroked it, I was in heaven. “Oh, shit,” I
whispered, already gasping for air, overcome with the combination
of watching studboy suck my 15-year-old brother’s cock and feeling
his hand stroking my wet pole. “Mmmm,” Jeremy said, moaning on Greg’s bone. Greg had his
eyes closed by then. I leaned forward to whisper in Jeremy’s ear. “I think your fucking hot as hell.” The hands that grasped my cock went to my lips and rubbed
them. I think this was Jeremy’s way of kissing me while his lips
were too busy blowing my little brother. Those lips slid up and
off, suddenly. “He’s gonna come,” Jeremy said. “Do you want to–” “You take it,” I said, knowing I could have Greg’s cum any
time. Jeremy had walked a mile in the snow to do this. I have to admit I was jealous watching Jeremy’s Adam’s apple
bounce, knowing it was Greg’s cum going down his throat, but I was
happy for both of them. Little bro squeaked and squealed, his body writhing as his
hips pushed up repeatedly, pressing his pubes against Jeremy’s
lips. Finally, Greg’s body dropped to the mattress, a shiny
string of cum drooling from Jeremy’s lips. I saw a sexual contented smile on their faces. “You’re right,” I said, touching myself, “it IS hot to watch.” “Yeah,” Jeremy said, talking to me but looking at Greg and
rubbing his tummy. “I knew it would turn you on.” I took that moment to suck on the cute athlete’s ear. Greg, recovering quickly from his climax and not to be
outdone, joined me, sucking Jeremy’s other ear. But nothing beat the dual fingering Greg and I gave Jeremy’s
cock. We slipped and slid our fingers all over that long, thick,
16-year-old cock. When it bounced frantically and spewed pre-cum, we backed off.
But it never stopped bouncing. We each gave him an embarrassed
grin. Jeremy, out of breath, grinned at both of us. “I wish you two virgins would fuck each other. I’m dyin’ to
get this inside you,” Jeremy said, holding his hard weapon
threateningly. There was a pause so long, it made me nervous. I felt the
heat in my face. Greg froze like it was his last breath. I knew
I had to say something. “Well,” “It’ll be hot, Brian! I’ll show you guys everything I know.” “Um–I don’t know, man,” I said, staring at my little brother,
hoping for some sign of his thoughts on this. Preteen Hussyfan Pictures
“I need to see what
Greg thinks.” “Man! You two are like lovers.” “Greg, what do you think of . . . doing that with Jeremy
watching?” “Well,” he said with his foxiest grin, “what do YOU think?” Greg’s smile gave him away. I already knew what he thought. “I think it’s a bad idea,” I Preteen Hussyfan Pictures
said, lying big time. Greg was
wide-eyed, in total shock. “Oh, okay.” “Hey, smurfball, I’m PLAYIN with ya!” Preteen Hussyfan Pictures “Cool!” he said, coming to life with a smile. “Okay,” I said, having my doubts, “how do we do this?” Studboy’s cock throbbed. I got the wild idea that if Jeremy didn’t speed things up, I
would pin his long legs down and fuck him.Dennis B.
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Any comments would be great!I’d feel so much better hearing from you and knowing you’re out
there. If you’re not sure what to say, tell me what you liked.
Or whatever. :-) –DennisThat’s all I wrote so far. Thanks for reading.
Hope you liked it.
Even one email would put a smile on my face and make it a lot
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